A discussion on how consumerism gave rise to the mega church

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A discussion on how consumerism gave rise to the mega church

This paper represents a tremendous amount of work both in terms of data collection and scholarly analysis, please do not quote or copy this paper without contacting me, or giving either this site or my published works proper credit.

Understanding Capitalism Part V: Evolution of the American Economy

This information is from and may no longer report accurate numbers, however, many of the general characteristics are still valid. Earlier versions of this article were presented at the ASR meeting and published in Religions of Atlanta.

My dissertation, from which this article is taken, is The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: My research was funded by a Louisville Institute Fellowship. Stephen Warner for their comments and encouragements. However, size alone is an insufficient characterization of this distinctive religious reality.

The megachurch is a new structural and spiritual organization unlike any other. In order to understand fully the dynamics of megachurches, they must be seen as a collective social phenomenon rather than as individual anomalous moments of spectacular growth or uniquely successful spiritual entrepreneurial ventures.

Although variations exist, most megachurches have a similar identifiable pattern and share a common set of organizational and leadership dynamics. The rise of hundreds of these large churches in the last several decades implies that this new pattern of congregational life has a particular resonance to and fit with changes in modern American society and culture.

Most importantly, this analysis offers a possible explanation of the symbolic significance of the megachurch phenomenon both for the spiritual lives of its members and its relationship to modern society. The following descriptive portrait is the result of an extensive five year study of one megachurch Chapel Hill Harvester Church, currently called The Cathedral of the Holy Spiritmultiple observations at six other congregations around the Atlanta area, and visits to nine megachurches around the country.

In addition, numerous megachurch television broadcasts, distributed literature, and taped sermons from 28 other megachurches were analyzed to broaden the representativeness of this portrayal See Thumma a,b, a,b All reference details can be found in the article bibliography.

Obviously size is the most evident attribute of these churches; however, the list of shared traits is much more extensive. There is a discernable general pattern to the way in which religion is organized and expressed across these large congregations.

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Within this generalized picture, three distinctive subgroups, or ways of expressing the megachurch message, can be identified and are described below as the "nontraditional," the "conventional," and the "composite.

Nevertheless, these congregations have too much in common not to be seen as a distinctive social and religious reality. A Recent Social Phenomenon Megachurches are a new phenomenon. This is not to say that very large congregations were absent from the history of the Christian Church See Vaughan Yet at any historical period there were no more than a dozen or so of these massive congregations around the world, none of which matched the functions of megachurches in contemporary society.

A discussion on how consumerism gave rise to the mega church

The megachurch, as it is described here, is more than a church with a huge attendance. It is a congregation with a distinctive pattern of organization, programmatic ministries, and membership relations. The rapid proliferation of this form of congregational life has taken place within the last several decades.

It is a particular and distinctive response to this cultural milieu. These definitive traits are uniquely modern, fashioned in reaction to and patterned after modern society. Nearly all current megachurches were founded after The explosive growth experienced by these congregations, however, did not begin in earnest until the decade of the eighties Vaughan The 's have not slowed this growth.

Data collected in revealed over such congregations Thumma b. Vaughan estimates that the number of megachurches grows by 5 percent each year Given this rate over two million persons will be weekly attendees of megachurches in the United States by the start of the new millennium.

Anyone familiar with the American religious scene cannot help but have noticed the rapid proliferation of these massive congregations. In fact, it is precisely their size which attracts so much attention.Religion in Post-World War II America: Joanne Beckman Guiding Student Discussion.

The declining membership of mainstream denominations, the rise of conservative (fundamentalists, evangelicals, charismatics, Pentecostals) and alternate religions (seekers, New Agers, Eastern religions), and the growing number of "new immigrants" all. Understanding Capitalism Part V: Evolution of the American Economy.

By - March 15, In Europe the "property owners" were the nobility and the church.

Consumerism | Collapse of Industrial Civilization

As such, property rights in Europe were viewed completely differently than in America. this gave rise to the role of negative externalities as a driver of profits.

A discussion on how consumerism gave rise to the mega church

Negative. The American Cult of Consumerism. by. The old moral tradition gave birth to our grandparents' credo, the so-called Protestant work ethic - work hard, sacrifice, and invest wisely in the future. an undocumented construction worker from Mexico in the U.S.

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Gen ), It also can plunge them into consumerism, pornographic and. “I would like to see more companies pay attention to the African-American consumer,” says Caldwell, whose Windsor Village United Methodist Church attracts up to 14, worshippers every Sunday.

A discussion on how consumerism gave rise to the mega church Free the debates about the ratification of the us constitution ethical A biography of elie wiesel a .

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