An introduction of howard shultz and karl eller

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An introduction of howard shultz and karl eller

Once again the establishments attempts to demonize Iran. The quicker we learn Fear is the primary factor behind social engineering strategies the quicker we expose their 'False Flag' operations.

An introduction of howard shultz and karl eller

Expert social engineer specialist of the 's Bertrand Russell said it best: The strike left the site completely unavailable for several hours in the early hours of Friday morning, with the site's estimated 30m users unable to access the service or send messages to each other online.

The incident took place some time around 6am in the UK, when the main Twitter page suddenly seemed to disappear — instead replaced with a stark black and red screen featuring an image of a flag.

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The page, which carried a mixture of English and Farsi slogans, appeared to name the group behind the attack and offer a call to arms. We control and manage the internet with our power, so do not try to the incite Iranian people.

Although early reports suggested the site itself had been breached by attackers, it now seems that the strike was actually a crude form of assault known as a DNS hijack.

The DNS, or Domain Name System, is effectively a telephone directory of the internet — connecting the name of a website, such as twitter.

In hijacking cases, computer criminals effectively redirect the traffic intended for a particular website, sending users to a page of their own choice rather than the planned destination. Around two and half hours after the outage occurred, Twitter staff issued a short statement on the company's blog confirming the style of the attack it had suffered.

During the uprising that followed the elections in June this year, in which incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad eventually triumphed, the US state department urged the site to remain online to allow more information about the protests to spread online.

Little is known, however, about the group who appeared to claim responsibility for hacking Twitter. But the nature of the messages they left appears somewhat confusing. Though the text left by the hackers appeared to be anti-American, they also used the image of a green flag — the colour connected to the election protesters, and to Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the main challenger to President Ahmadinejad.

Twitter users were unable to send updates for 90 minutes overnight after the site was hacked by a group claiming to be the "Iranian Cyber Army". The hackers also posted the slogan "Hezbollah is victorious" on the site in Arabic.

As Twitter users can hide their real identities, it has been suggested the site could be used by western governments to encourage Iranians to demonstrate against Ahmadinejad.

Earlier this week, Channel 4 News broadcast an interview with a defecting member of the Basij militia. Twitter hack reveals Ben Cohen, Channel 4 News technology correspondent, writes - It's significant not just because of who are claiming to have succeeded in hacking into this high-profile service, but also because Twitter is touting itself to be the communications network of the future.

Twitter themselves say that the incident occurred as a result of an attack of Twitter's DNS- domain name system. These are the computers that translate the web address Twitter. The hackers managed to redirect all requests for Twitter. A further message appears in Farsi, and in broken English the following also appears — U.Introduction/ Einführung/ Introduction/ Apresentação I have intended publishing a book about the Heberle family since Most family history data collected is available via my Internet site: Seit war es meine Absicht, ein Buch über die Familie zu veröffentlichen.

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An introduction of howard shultz and karl eller

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