Bnl business plan

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Bnl business plan

Tandem Van de Graaffonce the world's largest electrostatic accelerator.

bnl business plan

For other than approved Public Events, the Laboratory is closed to the general public. The lab is open to the public on several Sundays during the summer for tours and special programs.

The public access program is referred to as 'Summer Sundays' and takes place on four Sundays from mid-July to mid-August, and features a science show and a tour of the lab's major facilities.

The Lab estimates that each year it enhances the science education of roughly 35, kindergarten to 12th grade LI students, more than undergraduates, and teachers from across the United States.

Controversy and environmental cleanup[ edit ] In Januaryground water samples taken by BNL staff revealed concentrations of tritium that were twice the allowable federal drinking water standards—some samples taken later were 32 times the standard.

The tritium was found to be leaking from the laboratory's High Flux Beam Reactor's spent-fuel pool into the aquifer that provides drinking water for nearby Suffolk County residents.

Installing wells that could have detected the leak was first discussed by BNL engineers inbut the wells were not completed until The responsibility for failing to discover Brookhaven's tritium leak has been acknowledged by laboratory managers, and DOE admits it failed to properly oversee the laboratory's operations.

Science for Discovery at the Nanoscale

Brookhaven officials repeatedly treated the need for installing monitoring wells that would have detected the tritium leak as a low priority despite public concern and the laboratory's agreement to follow local environmental regulations. DOE's on-site oversight office, the Brookhaven Group, was directly responsible for Brookhaven's performance, but it failed to hold the laboratory accountable for meeting all of its regulatory commitments, especially its agreement to install monitoring wells.

Senior DOE leadership also shared responsibility because they failed to put in place an effective system that encourages all parts of DOE to work together to ensure that contractors meet their responsibilities on environmental, safety and health issues.

Unclear responsibilities for environment, safety and health matters has been a recurring problem for DOE management. These include the decommissioning and decontamination of the Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor, [27] removal of mercury-contaminated sediment from the Peconic River, and installation and operation of 16 on- and off-site groundwater treatment systems that have cleaned more than 25 billion gallons of groundwater since The CAC represents a diverse range of interests and values of individuals and groups who are interested in or affected by the actions of the Laboratory.

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It consists of representatives from 26 local business, civic, education, environment, employee, government, and health organizations.

The CAC sets its own agenda, brings forth issues important to the community, and works to provide consensus recommendations to Laboratory management.I declined. I didn’t explain to him the BNL philosophy or my financial independence, just that I was done working for others as an engineer..

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bnl business plan

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