Christmas writing activities for 5th graders

Thursday, January 23, 20 Great Book Series for 1st thru 2nd Graders I seem to be continuously searching for books that will pique my girls interests and motivate them to read. I know many of you want the same things for your young readers. The book that keeps them turning pages, till they reach the end and has them immediately wanting to pick up the next one in the series. I had a few of those in my childhood Insert mental image of me reading the Babysitters Club by moonlight long after my parents told me to get to bed here so I wanted to compile a list of our recent favorite series in the hopes that it would add a good read or two or hopefully lots more!

Christmas writing activities for 5th graders

It seems that teachers today are overwhelmed with the ever-popular WPM words per minute data. However, WPM are only a small slice of the fluency pie. Reading with fluency is so much more than just counting the number of words our students can read per minute.

They even start to believe that "good reading" means to read as many words as they can in a minute. Why wouldn't they with all of the WPM assessments that we give them with a short passage and a minute timer?

Yes, there is some merit to WPM, but it's not the "end all, be all" to improving students fluency. There are so many more pieces of the fluency pie: In my opinion, when students learn to incorporate all of these elements into their reading, their fluency AND comprehension improve at amazing rates.

Below I have included a few activities that I have found to be successful with my students some my own ideas, and some that I have gotten from some wonderful colleagues. Please feel free to comment to this post and add more.

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I am always looking for more ways to incorporate fluency into the content areas as well as the literacy block. Find a reader's theater script that will work for you. Read through line by line in a very monotone voice.

Then, ask students to read it aloud to make it sound more natural. Ask students to listen to specific words that they read with a higher, lower, louder, or quieter pitch. They should highlight those words to remind them to read them that way as they reread the text.

This is a great activity for discussion about intonation because some students will read things different ways, and that's OK.

I never make all students highlight everything the same. Find lyrics to some of your students favorite songs, and have them do the same activity as above with the lyrics.

christmas writing activities for 5th graders

It may help to have students listen to the song to see how the artist changes his or her expression. Use song lyrics again, but this time students make slash marks to separate each phrase.

Practice putting slash marks in different places to see what sounds natural.

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Again, it would be helpful for students to listen to lyrics and to write slash marks as they listen. Here's an activity that you probably already know about.Browse writing a paragraph resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources.

Writing activities will help your child improve writing skills. Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Writing questions for your custom printable tests and worksheets. In a hurry?

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