Components of good nursing compassion confidentiality and teamwork

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Components of good nursing compassion confidentiality and teamwork

Information about both clients and staff must be kept secure and confidential. Specific staff should be designated to ensure this and any staff member working in the presence of client information must know how to maintain and secure protected information.

The HIPAA privacy rule is a federal regulation that was designed to address public concerns about managed care, insurance availability, and insurance affordability.

However, this course only addresses the privacy, confidentiality, and security aspects of the legislation. The rule sets standards for patient privacy and confidentiality. This is especially important when talking in public areas elevators, restrooms, hallways, or cafeteria etc.

Charts or documents should not be left out where they might be seen by unauthorized persons, computer screens should not be angled in such a way as to allow the screen to allow unwanted viewing. It is vitally important to observe surroundings when discussing patient care.

All facilities must limit access to protected health information only to those who have a need to know. Protected health information can only be used for health purposes. Employers cannot use the health history information to screen candidates for hire or promotion.

Financial institutions may not use it to determine lending practice. Protected Health Information The HIPAA Privacy Rule protects individually identifiable health information, called PHI, held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associate, in any form, whether electronic, paper, or verbal.

PHI includes information that relates to the following: A classic example would involve treatment for a case of child of domestic abuse; the professional would, rather than providing an entire medical record, share the pertinent data furnished in the form of an abstract, outlining the information that is necessary to provide treatment and protect the victim.

The abstracted information could be provided to legal and law enforcement entities. Health professionals who are directly involved in the treatment of patients are not subject to the minimum necessary rule and can have full access to all information that is needed to provide care.

Components of good nursing compassion confidentiality and teamwork

Health information that has implications for the public health and safety can be shared without consent. There are several situations where medical information can be shared: Emergency situations, When communicable diseases are involved, When law enforcement agencies participate, If national defense or security is a factor.

The public health department is deemed a legitimate recipient of certain personal health information and professionals may, in fact, in some instances, must report certain findings to the proper public health agency.

Right to know what disclosures have been made - the agency must track all information released and be able to provide documentation to the patient.

Right to amend the personal health information - while patients may request amendments and the agency must allow amendments, the agency may deny some requests. Electronically generated, stored, or transferred information also falls firmly under HIPAA privacy rules.

Both individuals and facilities are responsible for defending electronic protected health information ePHI. Covered entities and business associates must develop and implement policies and procedures to protect the security of ePHI that they create, receive, maintain, or transmit.

Each entity must analyze the risks to the ePHI in its environment and create solutions appropriate for its own situation. MLN, Protected information that does get shared, either by accident or with purpose, must immediately be reported using the facilities established procedures.

Most notifications must be provided without unreasonable delay and no later than 60 days following the discovery of a breach. Notifications of smaller breaches affecting fewer than individuals may be submitted to HHS in a log or other documentation annually.

The Rule also requires business associates of covered entities to notify the covered entity of breaches at or by the business associate. For more information on the enforcement process, visit http: Violations may result in the imposition of civil monetary penalties.

In some cases, criminal penalties may apply, enforced by the Department of Justice. MLN, Access to Emergency Services Several regulatory agencies require annual training regarding the ability of patients to access emergency care, this is especially important to CMS.

Hospitals are then required to provide stabilizing treatment for patients with EMCs. If a hospital is unable to stabilize a patient within its capability, or if the patient requests, an appropriate transfer should be implemented.Patients’ experiences of compassion within nursing care and their perceptions of developing compassionate nurses.

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3 pages. Components of Good Nursing: Compassion, Confidentiality and Teamwork. words. 2 pages. The Importance of Showing Kindness Through Acts. words. 1 page. Course Description: Gain the skills and confidence required to successfully obtain your A+ certification.

Components of good nursing compassion confidentiality and teamwork

This fully online course features Interactive labs and hundreds of pre/post test questions covering all exam objectives. View your online courseware anytime, anywhere. The lack of timely supervisory feedback is the cause of many ethical complaints (Cole, ).

What is meant by "timely" feedback? To have the most compelling impact, feedback should take place as close to the event to be discussed as possible.

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Solutions to wicked problems are not objectively true or false, right or wrong, but only judgmentally better or worse, good enough or bad (not good enough). With no absolute criteria for resolving a wicked problem, a solution agreement may be that it is good enough.

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