Features of bluetooth technology essay

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Features of bluetooth technology essay

Bluetooth will enable users to connect to a wide range of computing and telecommunications devices without the need for proprietary cables that often fall short in terms of ease-of-use.

A global specification for wireless connectivity: The Bluetooth SIG Special Interest Group is an industry group consisting of leaders in the telecommunications and computing industries that are driving development of the technology and bringing it to market.

A piconet is a collection of devices connected via Bluetooth technology in an ad hoc fashion. A piconet starts with two connected devices, such as a portable PC and cellular phone, and may grow to eight connected devices.

All Bluetooth devices are peer units and have identical implementations. However, when establishing a piconet, one unit will act as a master and the other s as slave s for the duration of the piconet connection.

Features of bluetooth technology essay

Bluetooth technology provides a meter personal bubble that supports simultaneous transmission of both voice and data for multiple devices. Up to 8 data devices can be connected in a piconet, and up to 10 piconets can exist within the meter bubble. Each piconet supports up to 3 simultaneous full duplex voice devices CVSD.

A Time Division Duplex scheme is used for full-duplex transmission. Bluetooth uses a frequency hopping spread spectrum technique. Spectrum spreading is accomplished by frequency hopping up to hops per second on 79 channels between 2.

Bluetooth radio modules avoid interference from other signals by hopping to a new frequency after transmitting or receiving a data packet.

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The sophisticated mode of transmission adopted in the Bluetooth specification ensures protection from interference and seeks to insure the security of the data. Bluetooth operates in the 2. This band provides license-free operation in the United States, Europe, Japan, and most industrialized nations worldwide.

Power transmitted by the Bluetooth: In the Bluetooth specification there are three classes of radios, which are characterized by their output power. Class 3 has a maximum transmit power of 0 dBm 1 milliwatt.

The Bluetooth specification limits the radio output power exactly to that actually required. For instance, if the receiving radio indicates that it is only a few meters away, the transmitter immediately modifies its signal strength to suit the exact range.

Furthermore, the radio chip automatically shifts to a low-power mode as soon as traffic volumes becomes low or stops. The low-power mode is only interrupted by very short signals with the purpose of verifying the established connection.

The radio with Bluetooth wireless technology consumes less than a few percent of the power consumed with a modern mobile phone. The transmission mode is only used as necessary, and always for the shortest possible period of time.

Bluetooth technology was designed to be small and inexpensive.

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Bluetooth technology has no lineof sight requirements making it a potential replacement for infrared ports. Bluetooth can operate through walls or from within your briefcase.Bluetooth Technology Basics Essay Wi-Fi, Infrared, and Bluetooth (Hall).

Bluetooth technology is nevertheless one of the far advance means of wireless communications technology varying the way we talk either over the phones or over computers. Bluetooth wireless technology is an inexpensive, short-range radio technology that eliminates the need for proprietary cabling between devices such as notebook PCs, handheld PCs, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cameras, and printers.

Applications and Features of Bluetooth Low Energy Essay. Introduction Bluetooth Low Energy The Traditional Bluetooth had given us ability and also quickly connect to peripheral devices but Bluetooth Low Energy with the release the type of peripheral devices that connect have spilled over to medical and sports fields in remarkable ways.

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Features of bluetooth technology essay

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Since, from the above example, you can modify your device to get connected to the internet via the Bluetooth technology purchasing a device that has a Bluetooth technology is a better choice as you can get two technologies in one ; internet connectivity (the function of Wi-Fi is achieved) and Bluetooth technology.

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