If i could live my life

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If i could live my life

This is an indispensable book for those interested in Philippine native construction. We bought our copy at Tradewinds Books, Intramuros. The plans are just about complete. More on that later. This book not only has hundred of photos of bahay kubos and other vernacular Philippine architecture but also measured drawings of many of them.

So they spend five nights per week at the site. Once the house project is complete, the bahay kubo will be used as a very atmospheric guest house. We decided to build using four concrete corner posts or columns which will extend all the way to the top plate.

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The columns contain four 10mm rebars which extend above the top of the columns and which will be bent over the top plates to secure the roof strucure from being blown away. The rest of the building will be built entirely from bamboo and coco coconut lumber. The roof will be of nipa — the thatched leaf of the nipa palm.

Construction began on Tuesday, November 3, with a crew of four on site. The standard Filipino column footer and four 10mm rebar column reinforcement. This photo shows the location on the lot and the surroundings. The columns going up. They will be hidden in bamboo cladding.

This is standard practice. The roof will be thatch from the Nipa palm. We paid P per panels of thatch in In we re-roofed the bahay kubo paying P per Nipa after three and a half years Nipa thatch being laid.

It is tied on to the roof structure with thin nylon rope. A needle is used for threading the string through the panels of nipa.

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This needle is made of scrap 16 gauge galvanized wire. The nipa panels are made by bending leaves of the nipa palm around a thin bamboo rib. The nylon thread is push through the nipa, wrapped around the bamboo rib and then secured to the bamboo slats and poles making up the roof.

This is very time consuming work.

If i could live my life

The freshly laid nipa can be damaged by high winds which can catch and break the fronds. A grid of bamboo slats is made to hold the nipa in position The bamboo grid is secured in place over the nipa The split bamboo floor being laid over the coco lumber joists.

Our bahay kubo will be sheathed in tad tad. Tad tad which means chop-chop in Tagalog and Ilonggo is bamboo which is unrolled into a flat panel using a bolo to make many cuts in the bamboo until it lies flat. Marlo is using his bolo to split open bamboo to form a flat panel The finished tad tad panel ready to be installed as wall sheathing Tad tad is supported by a bamboo framework Mortises are chisled into the bamboo studs Wall framing.

The short studs are for window openings. More progress Porch added, also bamboo shutters Inside the bahay kubo. This is about the normal lifespan for a nipa roof.

While the roof looks like it would be very leaky, it really is not.

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It is being replaced now March so the bahay kubo will be ready for the rainy season. Just as with any leaking roof, only a percentage of the old shingles are unsalvageable.The Drive - CHWK FM, Chilliwack Webplayer. The nipa panels are made by bending leaves of the nipa palm around a thin bamboo rib.

The rib is kept in place with a stitching of bamboo fibers or a vine (uaway) used for this purpose. Many know him as a singer, actor, dancer, entertainer, family-man, business entrepreneur, and overall household name.

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If i could live my life

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