Impact of new media on civil and international conflict

More Information Brief Background As with most conflicts in Africa, the current situation has much to do with the legacy of colonialism. From the violent Belgian imposition of colonial rule by King Leopold II who regarded it as his personal fiefdom and called it the Congo Free State but apparently never once went there himselfmillions have been killed.

Impact of new media on civil and international conflict

A new wave of technology is driving rapid global change. This change has created new opportunities for multilateral cooperation in the areas of sustainable development, state-society relations, peace and conflict, international security, and global governance.


Yet with these opportunities comes the challenge of keeping up; the UN and other multilateral institutions must determine where they can play a useful role in addressing and integrating new technologies into their work and where existing mechanisms and other actors may be better placed. On sustainable development, for example, the UN has arguably come farthest in integrating new technologies into its work.

Looking to peace and conflict, new technologies can help prevent conflict by reducing the gap between warning and response, facilitate peacekeeping through new tools relevant to increasingly complex environments, and help support peacebuilding by empowering local actors.

New technologies and governance of the internet, on the other hand, is an arena where the future role of multilateral actors is subject to greater debate.

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Whether in sustainable development, peace and conflict, state-society relations, international security, or cyberspace, new technologies have transformed how the UN and multilateral institutions operate in a 21st century world.

Based on these opportunities, challenges, and multilateral responses, this Discussion Paper provides recommendations for the UN System.

Impact of new media on civil and international conflict

This Public Consultation focused on the findings and recommendations of the Discussion Paper, which can be accessed at this link. Chan School of Public Health Moderator:v PEACE OPEATIONS TAINING INSTITUTE Table of Contents Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution Foreword by the Series Editor x Foreword by the Author xi.

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