Judging by the cover

This is a true statement. A book might look good on the outside, but on the inside of the book it is not. The same works the other way.

Judging by the cover

Also the bane of containers, cartons, cases, packages, packets and, of course, boxes the world over. And yet, while boxes must endure the brunt of an unfair stereotype, there are those still willing to take up arms against ignorance.

Across the globe, designers forge ahead against gale-force ideologies, shattering the shackles of standardization, breaking free of structures fostering run-of-the-mill product packaging. Designers develop packages that convey more than just catchphrases and strategically manufactured messages.

They tell stories with honesty, passion, colour and humour, confident of the product their packaging holds. The medium is ever more the message, and while you should never judge a book by its cover, this list demonstrates that sometimes the cover has just as much to say.

Illustrated by Oriol Malet and designed by Barcelonan graphic design studio Atipus, this bottle is just as much an experience as is its contents. Traditional handmade French macarons are the speciality at the Confection Oven.

This San Diego bakery ferries the old-world attitude of quality over quantity into the present through its delectable pastries and charming, understated packaging designed by Kristin Sartore specifically for the delicate macarons.

Shaped like a heart carved out of ice, the Humanity Fragrance Second Edition is as much art as it is perfume.judging by something and judging from something.

to make a decision or judgment based on something. Judging by the amount of food eaten, everyone must have been very hungry. Judging from the mess that's left, the party must have been a good one.

“Judging by the Cover,” is an essay written in by Bonny Gainley who is a consultant, speaker, and author. It originally appeared in an opinion column in a Colorado newspaper. Although non-discriminatory, she believes that people project messages about themselves with their appearance.

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Dec 28,  · 3. Swords and Other Weapons. While armed figures dominate fantasy covers, weapons by themselves are also regularly used as cover features.

Judging by the cover

The vast majority of the time it will be a dagger or sword, but sceptres, bows, arrows and other weapons are also often featured. Don’t judge a book by its cover,” the appearance of a book often influences the reader’s expectations for the tone of the story within, and encourages them to then pick it up and turn the page.

Judging By the Cover. 11 likes. Hosts Courtney and Rayn attempt to accurately predict a film's plot before having seen a film, then discuss after having. Judging A Book By Its Cover quotes - 1.

Life is like a story. Each day is like a chapter. Each year is like a part. But like every book, each story is different. You cant judge a book by its cover until you know its story. Read more quotes and sayings about Judging A Book By Its Cover.

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