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Because Jewish identity can include characteristics of an ethnicity[3] a religion, [4] or peoplehood, the definition depends on either traditional or newer interpretations of Jewish law and custom.

Kalmar bioscience writers

Arch-Strategos General of the Army commanding larger units, at the Corps level A full-strength legion has about 9, citizens and about 3, serf auxiliaries, who are unarmed support personnel in noncombatant functions.

The Janissary units are commanded by citizen officers and for the serf soldiers use the traditional ranks from Private to Master Sergeant, the highest rank available to subject race personnel.

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Culture and ideology[ edit ] During the s the Draka trade extensively with India Ceylon is an early conquestwhich leads to a fad for Mughal artwork. From early in the nineteenth century the Draka develop a craze for Classical Antiquity and draw from it much of their military and political terminology.

It is explained that during the early and rapid conquest of Egypt, in Draka scouts stumbled upon a long lost treasure trove of all the lost works of the Greco-Roman world, which sparked off this fixation.

Antiquity provides the Draka with a ready-made model of "colour-blind slavery". The ancient Greeks and Romans saw no problem in enslaving people of the same skin colour as themselves, and even of the same language and culture - though with them, unlike the Draka, the wholesale enslavement of a defeated enemy was the exception rather than the rule, and their slaves could and frequently did gain manumission see Slavery in antiquity.

Their core population being primarily composed of Loyalists who fled from the American Revolution, and officially being a British colony for many decades, the Draka speak English - but with a very odd accent which it is difficult for non-Draka spies to imitate perfectly.

Some attempt is made to transcribed the Draka accent phonetically in the books, though it is stated that these are only rough approximations.

It is described as generally sounding like a Southern United States drawl mixed with an undertone of guttural Germanic sounds from Afrikaans - given that the original core population were Loyalist families that fled the American revolution to South Africa, which then received large immigrant waves from the defeated Confederate States of America and losing sides from the German revolutions in Europe.

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The Draka enforce their English dialect on subject peoples and gradually outlaw conquered peoples from speaking their native languages. Dozens of major languages across Africa and Eurasia are rendered extinct as a result, along with hundreds of minor ones.

Localized accents persist up to a point among certain conquered peoples, i. While the United States had slavery, even slave-holders had to nominally adhere to the American values of liberty and equality, and the contradiction was eventually resolved by the American Civil War.

The Draka, on the other hand, view themselves as a master race and unlike the Nazis who believed that their mere racial heritage made them superiorare keenly aware of the effort they must make to maintain this status; in the manner of ancient Spartaall Draka citizen children attend sex-segregated boarding schools with an extreme emphasis on military prowess and physical conditioning.

While the United States in the 20th century set for itself the goal of equality for all regardless of race, the Draka worked to enslave all non-Draka humans, also regardless of race. The Archon is the head of state appointed for a year term by a parliament elected in free and fair elections.

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Draka citizens have a considerable degree of free speechbut fundamental criticism of the slave system is forbidden. There is also a considerable small-business private sector. The Draka economy is on the gold standardwith the basic unit of currency being the Auric.

In the third novel, with gold becoming plentiful due to imports from space, the Draka switch to the Auric reflecting a basket of commodities.

Draka history[ edit ] The nineteenth century[ edit ] The Draka take over Egypt and Ceylon from the French during the Napoleonic Warsand over the course of the 19th century, the Draka gradually conquer and enslave the entire continent of Africa. The last areas to be conquered were the jungles of the Congodue to the danger of tropical diseases.

Technological development is faster than in our own history, as the Draka put the wealth derived from their vast gold and diamond deposits to effective use by offering large grants to scientists and inventors who settle in their territory and develop new inventions.

The United States is also much more expansionistic than in our own timeline — it annexes Canada after the War of a conquest presumably made easier in this timeline by the absence of Loyalist American settlers to enlarge the Canadian population and Mexico after the Mexican—American War since, it is implied, the addition of numerous Northern, Free-Soil states following the conquest of Canada strengthened Southern demands for a reciprocal campaign to increase the number of slave-holding states with representation in Congress.

kalmar bioscience writers

During the American Civil Warthe Draka supply massive amounts of aid to the Confederacyincluding steam-powered armored cars. Cuba, Hispaniola, Hawaiiand the Philippines are granted statehood inwith the Central American territories following later. The United States eventually has 62 states in total.

In addition, the Republic of Gran Colombia never breaks up into the nations of ColombiaVenezuelaand Ecuadoras in our world. This exemplifies the trend in the series of fewer and fewer nations achieving sovereign independent status.

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In Chinathe Taiping Rebellion is successful, resulting in a China which is even more incapable of successful modernization than in our own history. The Japanese victory in the First Sino-Japanese War which in the Draka timeline occurs in is even more decisive, with Japan not only annexing Formosabut also KoreaHainanand several Chinese coastal cities.

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