Letter t overseas friend

Don't ask their opinion on the war. Don't ask about what's going on.

Letter t overseas friend

Most were sent to the countryside in the hope that they would be safe from the expected bombs and gas attacks. The evacuation was arranged via the schools and whole classes, even whole schools were evacuated together.

Some children were sent overseas. The Children's Overseas Reception Board evacuated 2 children, 1 to Canada, to Australia, to South Africa and to New Zealand and it is believed that another 11, children went by private arrangement, over 6 to Canada and the remainder to the United States. Some lives were lost when ships were sunk in the atlantic.

I was evacuated to Devon from Battersea, London at the age of 3.

Starting Off

I was accompanied by my elder sister, we were billeted in Crediton. It was a memory I try to forget. Then at 4 years old Iwas billeted in Meldon on Dartmoor, this time with out my sister.

But it was a much happier situation. I then had to be moved to the market town of Okehampton as I was 5 years and would start at the primary school. My sister had by this time returned to the family home in London.

I had 3 brothers also evacuated in the same area, but I did not meet them until I returned to London in My time as an evacuee was, apart from the initial expereince, safe happy and sunny. I loved my aunty and uncle and kept in touch with them.

Sadly my uncle died the year I was dragged away to live with my "family' again. Even though I was one of the lucky evacuees, I do believe the experience has had a negative affect on our lives. A fact that no government seems to want to recognise. I was fortunate to catch this ship, as although this was my supposed destination, due to a false air raid in Portsmouth, it must have been on the 20th or 21st of August I missed the train and had to wait for the next one which had the children bound for Canada.

My Mother was told that if I arrived in Liverpool before the ship Llanstephan Castle sailed I would join that, if not I would join the ship SS Volendam going to Canada, she was not told the names of the ships.

When I arrived in Liverpool I was taken by car direct to the docks and hurried up the gangway very shortly before it was removed as we sailed, literally 15 minutes after I boarded. The SS Volendam was in fact torpedoed, luckily there was no loss of life amongst the children, although some of them later joined the SS City of Benares which was sunk with the loss of about 90 evacuees.

My Mother, as I found out years later had no knowledge as to whether I had caught the South African bound ship or not, it was not until many weeks later that she received the obligatory letter which we all had to send on arrival at the destination, that she knew where I was.

I went firstly to a holding centre at the Cape Jewish orphanage where I stayed for about 6 weeks, I then went with a batch of children and an escort by train to Johannesburg.

Letter t overseas friend

I do not recollect clearly how we were chosen, but I was selected and went with a couple who had obviously been vetted by the reception committee which was led by a lovely lady called Mrs Meyer. The house where I stayed was very nice and it was on the edge of the town, I was treated well and started to go to the local school.

I do remember very clearly going for a walk in the local countryside and finding a bullet, which I think must have been something like a. I took this back 'home' and went into the couples shed, there I put the bullet in the vice and with a hammer and a nail I detonated it.

There was an almighty bang, I was completely disorientated, I could neither hear nor see for quite some length of time, eventually my senses returned, I found that the window of the shed had blown out, the head of the bullet had gone right through the toe of my shoe and apparently passed between my big toe and the next, only slightly burning me, the case had flown out of the vice and struck me under the right eye, which was already swelling and completely shut.

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Nobody had heard the bang, so I went to my bedroom and got in bed. About 2 hours later the lady of the house called me for dinner, when I said that I was not hungry she guessed something was wrong, as a 10 year old growing lad was always hungry.

When she came into my bedroom and pulled back the eiderdown, she screamed and rushed of to call her husband, after getting the doctor and ascertaining that there was no life threatening damage, I was well and truly in the dog house.

Mrs Meyer was summoned and I was moved to another house within a few days. This only lasted a few weeks and again I was shifted. Altogether I was in 4 houses until Mrs Meyer herself took charge of me.Teach abroad in an international school!

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The real travesty of your response is that you aren’t able to even acknowledge what you said in your own words. Writing letters is a great tradition and becoming a pen pal to an American troop overseas is one of the many ways you can support our men and women in uniform.

Why Write Writing letters to deployed troops is a great way to support them in their mission. An Open Letter To My Best Friend Studying Abroad "Do you miss her?" Sydney Sek Sydney Sek Jun 30, views.

views. comments. Dear Friend, As I write this, you’re probably in a beautiful city exploring the sights, taking fun pictures, and eating delicious delicacies (I bet it doesn’t compare to American pizza, though). You. Letter T Overseas Friend A LETTER TO A FRIEND My dearest friend, I am so sorry to hear about the accidentSometimes bad things happen to good people and we do not know why.

Then out of nowhere good things happen that make you wonder if the bad was suppose to .

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