Mobile phone s greatest invention ever

But it is a great invention? But is it a great invention? The first advantage is that you can can get connected with people around the world wherever you are. The first advantage is that you can get connected with people around the world wherever you are.

Mobile phone s greatest invention ever

Visit Website After the deaths of his older brother Melville James and younger brother Edward Charles from tuberculosis, Bell and his family moved to Ontario, Canada, inseeking a healthier climate.

A year later, Bell found his way to the U. While a teacher, Bell met year-old Mabel Hubbard, one of his deaf students.

Mobile phone s greatest invention ever

Despite a year age gap, the two fell in love and were married in The couple would go on to have four children: Inventing the Telephone While a teacher for the hearing impaired, Bell was asked by a group of investors — one of whom was his father-in-law Gardiner Hubbard — to help perfect the harmonic telegraph.

The device was one of the most exciting innovations of the day, allowing for multiple messages to be sent over wire simultaneously. But Bell was more keen on developing a voice transmitting device, which he would later call the telephone.

After some negotiation, the investors allowed for Bell to work on both technologies, with more focus on the popular harmonic telegraph.

Alexander Graham Bell’s Early Years

However, in the end, the telephone won out. Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a telephone in his study, fearing it would distract him from his scientific work.

Bell Telephone Company Soon after establishing the Bell Telephone Company inBell found himself in what would become an almost year legal battle with other inventors who claimed they had invented the telephone before or around the same time as Bell, his most notable rival being Elisha Grey.

However, in the end, none of the lawsuits proved successful. The telephone proved wildly successful, and within 10 years, more thanpeople in the United States owned telephones.


But a few years after founding Bell Telephone Company, Bell quickly lost interest in managing the business aspect of his enterprise and sold his shares. In he invested his sizable fortune into building a new scientific experimental facility called the Volta Laboratory, aimed to improving the lives of the hearing impaired.

The laboratory ran many experiments using light to transmit sound. The graphophone was an improved and more commercialized version of the phonograph invented by Thomas Edison.

Garfield inBell got to work on a device that could detect metal in the body for surgical use. In the s, Bell began focusing his studies on aviation. In he formed the Aerial Experiment Association and helped develop flying machines like the Silver Dart.

As a quiet but powerful tribute to Bell, people all over Canada and the United States refrained from using their telephones during his funeral. Sources Alexander Graham Bell: Eric Foner and John A.

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The telephone is one of the greatest inventions ever, allowing instant voice communication between people on different sides of the world. Greatest Inventions -- Greatest Inventors.

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Depending on who you ask, the mobile telephone is either the greatest invention of the twentieth century or the most annoying. It is undeniable that the technology behind the mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions and that advances in technology keep making the cell phone more and more a must have device.

The history of mobile phones covers mobile communication devices that connect wirelessly to the public switched telephone network..

While the transmission of speech by radio has a long history, the first devices that were wireless, mobile, and also capable of connecting to the standard telephone network are much more recent. The first such devices were barely portable compared to today's.

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