Money boy joiz interview blind date mit alex

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Money boy joiz interview blind date mit alex

Inner Wound Recordings are proud to announce the release of a limited 12" vinyl edition of the Night Ranger album "High Road". The edition is strictly limited to copies worldwide and includes an insert with lyrics. Track listing; Side A Knock Knock Never Stop Don't Live Here Anymore Only For You Only Here's an excerpt where Billy Squier lets us know what exactly happened back in The album starts with the "in your face" track "Angry".

It's interesting that you pose that question because I can see why you are thinking that. The best thing about music is that the listener wants or tries to interpret the song the way he wants to. Some songs are so direct that leave a little for the imagination but getting back to "Angry", you have interpreted the song in a way that I probably didn't intend it to be but could easily have been laughs!

I mean, if "Angry" had been on another record after "Tell The Truth" and that record started with this song then you would have been completely right.

Money boy joiz interview blind date mit alex

Because the record company didn't do anything to promote the record and actually made me quit the music business with all that happening after the recording of "Tell The Truth". The guy who came in while I was making the album was previously at Geffen and he was somehow involved in the whole grunge movement.

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Well, this guy decided that he knew more about music than I did. He had an idea of what he was gonna do at Capitol Records and he decided that he was not gonna promote Billy Squier. I really don't know why he decided that but I can tell you this: This is the best record that's coming out from our label for at least the next six months".

Money boy joiz interview blind date mit alex

And I said to him: The next thing I did was to call my lawyer and ask him to get me out of this horrible situation. If someone could do such a thing to me, I don't want to be involved anymore in this business. If "Don't Say No" is not accepted, I am done.Another Pinner wrote: "I was born in the wrong era." I thought: "So was the skinny woman in the picture." Until we *all* are seen as beautiful for reasons outside the .

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