Nodody won essay

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Nodody won essay

Who won and who lost in the War of ? There is much debate as to who won and lost the War of While most believe that the British won and the United States lost the warthere is even debate among those who… answered this question. Below are the full arguments on both sides. The British won due to the fact that they completed their objectives; defend Canada by killing the Americans who tried to invade.

See related links below. I would also like to add that Britain won the last battle between the two countries - "Battle of Fort Bowyer" and that during the time of this war Britain was also involved in the napoleon war.

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The Americans having failed all their objectives, forfeited and wanted to sign a peace treaty. I'd like to add to his slightly. I am in Canada, where most Canadians claim to have won the war due to the American failure to capture Canada. I, however, look at it from this point of Nodody won essay The British were forced to give up all the land gains they'd made during the war true, the Americans also had to give back land, but it was not nearly as large an area.

As well, the Americans were granted fishing rights in the St Lawrence river, which had previously been solely British.

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But lost the right to place warships in the great lakes. I believe it was strategically an British victory, as they successfully achieved their sole purpose. The Americans had their fighting rights in the Maritimes and Great lakes taken away shortly after the war, and not returned until the 's.

Also, most of the US war aims were never achieved. Although the US had numerical superiority during the war, the British had more experienced commanders and soldiers for the most part in the early part of the war and by the time the American troops could fight the British on even terms, the British had sent thousands of additional battle trained troops from Europe in Overall it may be a stalemate militarily, but strategically and politically, if that was true, then the Korean Wars and the Vietnam War, up until the Americans left were also draws.

The Americas didn't win. The objective was to first take Upper Canada which they couldn't do. Plus America retreated back to America burning some villages on their way out.

That's not winning, that's being a poor loser.

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No matter which way one looks at it the Americas objective was plain and simple to take over Canada and they retreated. It's A Canadian win because this is not the first time America had tried to invade Canada and it was also not the first time America had failed.

Who won and lost in the War of ? The British won due to the fact that they completed their objectives; defend Canada by killing the Americans who tried to invade.

The Americans having failed all their objectives lately forfeited and wanted to sign a peace treaty. Who won the war ? Britain won the war led by General Wolf. The French were defeated by the …British at that battle and both Wolfe and the opposing General Montcalm were killed.

There's a lot to read on the War of which will enlighten you on this matter. How won the most at The War of ? The canadiaes won the war but because the Americans think their all that they george washington said that the Americans won when they didn't.

Nodody won essay

You can check the legal document…s online and it will say that the Canadiens won. England didn't win the war of Who won war ?The War Nobody Won: World War I, In the long term, Germany, as a big country, suddenly became strong. This broke the general balance of traditional European history.

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