Origami paper target

For those who need a refresher, origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, transforms a flat sheet of paper into a 3D sculpture without the use of scissors, tape or anything besides good old folding and sculpting. In their simplest forms, origami often take the shapes of cranes or butterflies, which in themselves are no easy feat. The exhibited works in Cooper Union, however, were far from paper cranes.

Origami paper target

There are two ways to make a tannenbaum: For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of Christmas Decorations. For large trees, you will need one 4-byfoot square, one 3-byfoot square, and one 2-byfoot square. For all other smaller trees, one square of any size will yield one tree.

Next, fold that triangle in half to create a smaller triangle.

Origami paper target

Open the paper back up and fold in half to create a rectangle and then fold the rectangle in half to create a square. Unfold to reveal the crease lines. Next, tuck the two sides towards the center line to create a diamond shape. Fold in the left and right side flaps to the center line on both sides to form a kite shape.


Taking one side at a time, open the fold and fold the edge inward towards the center of the kite. Repeat with all four flaps. Use your scissors to cut off the bottom triangle of the kite shape as shown.

Make sure that you are cutting off the open tip and not the folded tip. At this point you can spread out the flaps slightly to create your straight-edged tree. For the folded edge tree, continue on to step 8.

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Fold the cut lines down to create small triangles; repeat around all 6 sides of the tree. For large paper trees, once all three squares have been folded into trees, simply stack them one on top of the next starting with the largest tree on the bottom to create a tall origami paper tree.For these frogs, we used 6 inch square origami paper, and the frogs ended up about 2×2 inches.

If you love origami, visit these posts: Print + fold origami bookmarks. Target was a go-to for the trendiest Christmas toys last year, and you can expect even more of the same great Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales on kids' favorite brands in High quality origami paper that will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Origami (Animals) Created by: Ayako Yonaha, Japanese Teacher Delegation – Ohio Group Target Making easy origami work by them, knows about origami and can enjoy.

Origami Paper Kimono Patterns takes some of the lovely kimono fabric patterns and transforms them into origami folding paper. These paper packs make a great resource for all different kinds of folding, crafting and scrapbooking projects. target origami paper origami paper target tutorial for how to fold an origami target this is the target that.

Origami paper target

target origami paper origami photo stand origami paper target. target origami paper origami star . Re-creation of any origami models designed by Paper Kawaii is not permitted unless permission is granted, re-created tutorials need to link back to Paper Kawaii's original video and clear credit needs to be given in the video description and video.

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