Outcome based practice essay

The CQC essential standards of quality and safety detail 28 outcomes under six categories. All aspects of social care within a care home setting must be based on these regulations and outcomes in order to comply. The focus on outcomes is a move away from needs based care.

Outcome based practice essay

Outcome based practice | Essay Example

Inthe English Government launched is first framework of outcomes for adult health and social care. Autonomy outcomes were broken down into the Outcome based practice essay sections by the above study: Access to all areas of the home; Access to locality and wider environment; Communicative access and Financial security Personal Comfort outcomes were broken down into the following sections by the above study: Economic Participation outcomes were broken down into the following sections by the above study: Social Participation outcomes were broken down into the following sections by the above study: When an outcome focussed approach is used, this should support the whole approach.

This approach was researched and developed with people who were disabled, rather than those who were elderly. Although the information gathered can be used with disabled elderly people, it can be argued whether this information can be used with those who have mental illnesses or physical illness.

Mark Friedman developed the Results Based Accountability approach.

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This approach works backwards by taking the steps needed to obtain the desired outcome, the necessary resources involved and how to recognise when the objective have been achieved. Friedman makes a clear difference between responsibility and accountability for a population group as a whole which he calls Population Accountability and responsibility for outcomes for a defined customer group which he calls Performance Accountability.

Population accountability is both overarching and collaborative in nature and responsibility cannot therefore be allocated to any one organisation alone.

To ensure successful outcomes for this population, this can only be achieved by partnership between services e. GP practices and local authorities. Performance accountability tells of the achievement of outcomes for service users at a more local level or to the work of a specific service or agency.

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Results based accountability differentiates between measuring the outcomes for the individual receiving the service as opposed to the processes for achieving them This is approach can be reviewed as being difficult to use as population accountability can only be used if outside agencies GP services, local authorities are willing to provide the information needed.

However, should the agencies work together; it can create an approach that becomes very efficient in the data it concludes. Outcomes Management comes from a large insurance based healthcare field in the US.

Outcome based practice essay

Steinwachs et al carried out the research within thirteen care organisations looking at two conditions: Carrying on from this study, it has now been applied across a broader spectrum of health and social care.

Brown et al described how the approach had been applied across mental health services within the US. Since outcome based practice has come into force, the care industry has now become more personalised. The SCIE website have defined all their evidence into key points of what they believe can create positive effects.

However, elderly people within ethnic minority communities have fewer studies focused on them, but what research has been carried out, indicates the same values and beliefs.

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SCIE have identified three outcomes they believe to have the biggest positive effect.Outcome based practice Essay Sample. 1. Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome based practice. Explain outcome based practice Outcome based practice is an attempt to ensure all who require care are dealt with as an individual and are involved as much as possible in the delivery of their care.

Prescribing a generic. Free Essay: Outcomes Based Practice – Underpinning Theories and Principles Introduction If the emphasis that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has placed on. Below is an essay on "Outcomes Based Practice Level 5 Health and Social Care" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Critically review approaches to outcome based practice/5(1). Outcome Based Practise Essay Sample. Outcome based practise is an activity or process that has a beneficial impact on the individuals life.

It can be an action taken or a service delivered. Unit Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals Explain outcome based practice.

Outcome based care is about putting the customer at the centre of the care service and not prescribing a one size fits all policy. yOutcome based practice, is defined by the Scottish Government as “an outcomes-based approach encourages us all to focus on the differences that we make and not just the input or processes over which we have control” (Scottish Government ).

Outcome based practice | Essay Example