Philippine festival essay

The Macho Dancer's weapon is his particular brand of striptease. Is there any country other than the Philippines that can fill a top ten list of macho dancer movies with a few extra to spare? In these films, the plight of a people are played out via intermittent seductive numbers, like a musical, but hotter, where the thongs usually come off. Herewith, the zarzuelas of our time.

Philippine festival essay

Philippines Festivals, as they say the show must go on! Come and sneak a peak! You really have not experienced the rich diversity of the Philippines until you have experienced Philippines festivals.

Have you been to a Philippine Festival?

I must admit I have know idea how they can afford to put on such extravagance with the warmth and generosity they show to all. The fun and celebration does not stop until everyone is gorged full of good food. When I say extravagance, I mean just that, with a lechon or pig, roasting away on a rotisserie, not to mention the odd bottle of San Miguel all washed down with a nip or two of Tanduay Rum, you get the idea that fun is accomplished.

During the feasting there is dancing in the streets, parades with floats and in some instances beauty pageants. Philippines Festivals mostly evolve around a common theme of religion. The devotion they show to there religious faith is truly phenomenal.

So whenever the towns celebrate the feast of their patron Saint, the Philippines Festivals and Philippine Fiestas start and finish with gusto.

Philippine festival essay

Here is a list of some of the larger and more well know Philippines Festivals, if you think I have left any out or not explained one properly please contact me Philippine festival essay. It then continues through out the Quiapo area. In the 17th Century a life size statue of the Nazarene was carved from blackwood in Mexico, it was then brought to the Philippines in a Spanish Galleon.

The Black Nazarene Festival honours the death and affliction of Christ. Thousands upon thousands of Catholics surge into the streets following probably the largest procession in the Philippines. All the devotees try to touch the Black Nazarene in the hope that good fortune will fall on them.

Ati-Atihan — Third Sunday in January Three days This festival in Kalibo on the island of Panay gets its origins from the Malay settles from Borneo in the 13th Century and the local indigenous tribe on Panay, the Ati, the festival was a giving of thanks by the Malay to the Ati for letting them settle on there lands.

Latter the opportunistic Spanish, used the festival to keep the Muslim faith out of the area and once they were rejected, the Spanish quickly used the victory to give thanks Santo Nino or the child Jesus.

It was from this point onwards that the Ati-Atihan Festival became religious. The revelery is intoxicating, drums, whistles, horns all blaring in unison provide an atmosphere that gets the pulse surging. The dress code is colourful and bright, just about anything goes. The Sinulog Festival is now a street parade with excitable dancing in colourful and outlandish costumes.

Philippine festival essay

The Sinulog is a dance that was said to date back to the time of Magellan, apparently at the time Santo Nino was presented, the natives become transfixed with the occasion and were stamping and shuffling two and fro during the presentation.

This dance is seen outside the San Augustin Church not only during the Sinulog Festival but on any occasion by extreme followers.

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The festival occurs in Iloilo City on Panay. Not nearly as robust as the counterpart in Kalibo but more somber without much fan fare.

Panagbenga or Baguio Flower Festival — Last week in February This festival has it all, from beautiful flower masterpieces to beauty pageants.

It is a huge parade through the centre of town with floats adorned with flowers and colourful costumes, not to mention garden exhibits and shows. For information on Baguio have a look here. - Jamie Coville's MP3 Files

The Moriones Festival would have to be one of the most famous in the Philippines. Have a look for more information on Marinduque and Moriones Festival. The actual Turumba is a dance whereby the participants jump and leap and skip all in a motion of dance.Most festivals in Philippines are religious in origin, but nowadays the religious component is usually secondary to the general spirit of celebration.

Philippines has dozens of festivals and most towns have their own in addition to the national ones. Filipino hospitality is legendary and at no time is it more in evidence than at festival time. More than any other film À Bout de Souffle () exemplified the New Wave movement; serving as a kind of manifesto for the the plot, reminiscent of a thousand Film Noir B movies, is simple, the film itself is stylistically complex and revolutionary in .

Philippines Festivals, as they say the show must go on! Come and sneak a peak! Philippines Festivals and Philippine Fiestas are what Filipinos live for and when it comes round to “living it up”, Filipinos are up there with the best of them.

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