Praca licencjacka jakub zbonikowski

UP Organizing Committee doc. Mapy jako ukierunkowane modele struktury przestrzennej zjawisk Maps as oriented models of spatial structure of phenomena Katarzyna Galant: The objective of this Project is not only to propose rules of development of the multi-resolution reference topographic database for the entire country, but also to create a platform, integrating the official registers of spatial data and thematic databases.

Praca licencjacka jakub zbonikowski

Dealing with lexical ambiguity in literary texts on the example of Polish translations of The Lord of the Rings by J. Sense modulation and sense selection In the first chapter there are introduced tests for ambiguity.

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Moreover, it discusses different classifications of lexical ambiguity and concentrates on methods of word sense disambiguation, regarding various types of it.

The second chapter deals with the treatment of lexical ambiguity in written translation. There are described main problems encountered by translators when facing lexical ambiguity in translation.

The second chapter also differentiates between the appearance and role of lexical ambiguity in non-literary and literary translations. The final chapter constitutes an independent study into the instances of lexical ambiguity in The Lord of the Rings.

On the basis of a dictionary and context it judges the role of lexical ambiguities, makes predictions of whether an example of lexical ambiguity will cause trouble to the translator.

Praca licencjacka jakub zbonikowski

It Praca licencjacka jakub zbonikowski hypothesized that lexical ambiguity in a literary translation benefits the source and target text, enriches them significantly so that the translator should always seek to preserve it. Lexical ambiguity and how to deal with it 1. The notion of lexical ambiguity It should be indicated what the notion of lexical ambiguity stands for.

According to Saeed One can find out how many senses a particular lexeme has got by looking it up in a dictionary which contains the lexicon of a given language.

If one lexical entry contains two or more explanations or one lexeme has got two or more lexical entries, then it can be stated that such a lexeme is ambiguous.

For the purpose of clearer definition, Saeed Basically, when considering an instance of ambiguity, there must appear two or more various senses of the same lexeme whereas vagueness applies to one sense influenced by various contexts. There arises a problem how to differentiate between ambiguity and vagueness.

In order to resolve the problem, some tests for ambiguity will be introduced and applied. Tests for ambiguity If we want to recognize an instance of ambiguity correctly, we may not only rely on our intuition but also, in order not to confuse an ambiguous word with just a vague one, 6 apply the ambiguity tests Kempson, as cited in Saeed First of them is called a do so test as it focuses on the abbreviated forms of do so, do so too, so do which are used to replace the preceding verb phrase.

This test relies on identity, repetition of an ambiguous sense. Let us look at the examples given by Kempson: Because of the identity between the two parts of each sentence, we know that in the example 1 Mary hates mayonnaise and that in 2 Clark discovered a mole.

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Thus, the two verb phrases share the same sense, regardless of the sense actually selected in the first verb phrase. In contrast, when there is an instance of vagueness, the do so test does not work. Kempson proves this on the example of the word publicist: This example shows that publicist is vague, unspecified for gender since the publicist in the first clause can be male and in the second female, so the specifications of publicist may differ.

Another ambiguity test introduced by Saeed is called Sense Relations Test.List of Top Websites Like Top Websites Like Y les dijo:Escrito está,mi casa, Casa de Oración será llamada Mateo Jun 18,  · This video is unavailable.

Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. UNIWERSYTET MARII CURIE-SKŁODOWSKIEJ W LUBLINIE Wydział Humanistyczny Kierunek: Technologie cyfrowe w animacji kultury Jakub Żebrowski Nr albumu: Praca licencjacka napisana w Instytucie Kulturoznawstwa pod kierunkiem dr hab.

Andrzeja Radomskiego,,Funkcjonowanie sztucznej inteligencji na portalach społecznościowych. The problem of terminological equivalence on the basis of selected texts in the analytic philosophy of mind.

UNIVERSITY OF GDAŃSK FACULTY OF LANGUAGES Jakub Zbonikowski Major: ENGLISH STUDIES Student ID number: The problem of terminological equivalence on the basis of selected texts in the analytic philosophy of mind BA thesis.

Praca licencjacka jakub zbonikowski

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