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It takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to build a blog and keep it going for so long—and it takes a true, abiding love for the written word. Facebook only had million users. Blockbuster Video was in talks to buy out the failing Circuit City.

Reading writing and romance hallmark online store

How long have you wanted to be a romance writer? When did you decide to write a book? Since at least my college days, but there was never enough time with all my studies. And, I must admit, the thought of typing the manuscript with a real typewriter and trying to find out how to submit to a publisher seemed very daunting back then.

A few years ago, it occurred to me that computers would make the writing a lot easier, and some investigation on the web revealed that submitting to a publisher was much more direct these days.

Plus, I had changed jobs and had more free time, which was quite serendipitous. What inspired you to write this story? I wanted to write a first-time story, since I have always enjoyed them. Also, quite a few times over the years, I have heard from female friends and acquaintances that they were rather disappointed or let down by their first time.

I wanted to write a story for all those ladies to give them a second chance at a first time that they could enjoy and feel that the hero got it right. Of course, it had to be set in the Regency, which is my favorite historical period.

It was also a time when well-bred young women really were kept quite ignorant of intimate relations. That way, my heroine could go into this relationship without any baggage. I love flowers, so, as a play on the title, I have woven a number of snippets of floral history in to the story.

How long did it take to complete? About six months, writing at least four evenings a week and at least one day each weekend. I did my best to keep to a schedule, though there were times when real-life issues needed attention.

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Fortunately, I was able to keep on track most of the time. Was this the first book you had written? I have written a few academic articles over the years, but this is my first work of fiction and my first full-length novel. It was a very different experience for me, but I really enjoyed it.

I am a history major, with a focus on the Regency, so I have a good grasp of the period, but it was nice to make up the world for my characters to suit them, and myself, instead of just reporting and interpreting facts.

Did you work on simultaneous projects? I publish a blog on Regency history, so I would take time out each week to research and write my blog article for the week. I think going back and forth between history writing and fiction writing helped to keep each effort fresh for me.

How did you fit your writing into the rest of your life? Primarily by cutting back severely on my other great pleasure, needlework. I love to sew, crochet, tat and quilt. But there are only so many hours in a day, so I stopped all that while I was writing.

Though I missed working with my hands, the mental challenges of writing were very invigorating. Plus, I promised myself a long needlework binge once the book was finished, so I had that to look forward to.

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Who gave you feedback as you worked through writing the book?Last week I wrote about whether or not pornography use was the equivalent of romance novels, which caused quite a stir in the main purpose of the post was on investigating whether or not porn is cheating, and the idea that romance novels can be dangerous came I didn’t really have room in that post to elaborate.

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reading writing and romance hallmark online store

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