Road transportation in nepal

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Road transportation in nepal

Road transportation in nepal

Roadways, Airways, Railways, Waterways, Ropeways Transport means carrying people and goods from one place to another, for example, by using buses or trains. It is very important both in our daily life and in the process of national development.

We cannot walk long distances on foot; nor can we carry heavy loads on our back. Other kinds of development also depend on the development of transport.

If we have to build schools for the development of education or hospitals for health services for people, we need roads and trucks or tractors to carry brick, stone, sand, cement, etc.

Man is a social animal. He has social relations with other people who live far from him. His own family members may be doing job in distant places. They must go and come back home, and for this the only means is transport.

Besides this, our requirements have increased tremendously. We need to import goods.

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Here also lies the importance of transport. Ponies, yaks, elephants, donkeys, tongas, wheelbarrows, bullock-carts, rickshaws are slow means of transport while motorcycles, zeeps, cars, trains, ships, helicopters, aeroplanes, rockets, etc.

Some of them run on the road, some sail on water and some fly in the sky. So we have road transport, water transport, air transport, etc. Transport has made the world smaller. It has helped to grow friendliness with other countries.

Internal trade and overseas trade have increased.

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Our life has become easier. But it is not without harms. Fast means of transport like aeroplanes and rockets are used to drop bombs during wars, destroying human settlements and killing innocent civilians. This is a misuse of transport. Similarly many people are killed or injured when heavy accidents occur in the transport sector.

Condition of Transportation in Nepal Roadways, airways, waterways, railways and ropeways are the various systems of transport.

Of these, Nepal has developed mainly two types of transport: But Nepal is still poor in transport. There are two main reasons for it -physical feature and economic backwardness of the country.

Road transportation in nepal

There are high mountains, hills, deep valleys and rivers. Building roads in such places is very difficult. Besides, Nepal is a landlocked country.

So sea-route is not available.

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For a poor country like Nepal, it is difficult to meet the high expenses of constructing roads. So yaks, ponies, sheep, etc.Location, Transportation and Timetable Dumja, instead of Dolalghat, new put-in point for Sun Kosi River Rafting/Kayaking trip, is about 3 hour drive east of Kathmandu.

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Land transportation Roads. The Philippines has , kilometers (, mi) of roads, of which 39, kilometers (24, mi) are paved. As of , the total length of the non-toll road network was reported to be , km, with the following breakdown according to type. Buses are an important means of public transport in India.

Due to this social significance, urban bus transport is often owned and operated by public agencies, and most state governments operate bus services through a State Road Transport Corporation.

These corporations have proven extremely useful in connecting villages . Sep 12,  · Air transport is the quickest and the most comfortable as wellas most expensive means of transport in Nepal it comes nest the road transport in transport service.

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