Sino-african economic relations essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Under its state-led and export oriented economy, China became the fastest growing economy during the millennium, overtaking France, Britain, Germany and Japan and catapulting to become the second largest economy in the world next to the US Shirk. Building up a huge supply of financial reserves, China embarked on an intensive investment campaign around the globe which was especially in the right timing considering the financial crisis that is currently plaguing the global economy.

Sino-african economic relations essay

China and Africa have remained engaged in various mutual relations for long. Even during the colonial period, China sided with the African countries in their struggle for freedom.

China intends not only to access the vast markets Africa offers but also to use the natural sources of the continent to meet its energy needs. To give its stated intentions of helping Africa, China has invested in many areas other than the natural resources and infrastructure.

It also claims to have set up and funded hospitals and schools, initiated railways, spent in energy extractions, contributed to the Textile industries in different African countries Moyo, ; French, China has contributed in many sectors in African countries including for example technology, employment, infrastructure, trade and others French, They can also share knowledge, train human resource and help each other in myriad ways.

If this mutual cooperation between the two sides has to be profitable for both the partners, they have to look for a real win-win relation.

Sino-african economic relations essay, the African countries do not seem to face the challenge posed by the cheap Chinese labor and goods French Moreover, Chinese companies and corporations working in African countries are not expected to abide by the labor laws and protect environment properly.

Therefore, China is leading the African countries to economic dependency rather than providing them help to grow themselves as independent prosperous economies.

Abdoulkadre Ado and Zhan Su studied more than forty articles on the issue of China-Africa relations appearing between and They concluded that most of the authors were of opinion that Sino-African cooperation is not a win-win cooperation. China approaches Africa mainly due to the natural resources.

The selected authors were not in agreement on the question whether China has colonialist ambitions to Africa. They were also divided on that China cares or does not care about the human rights.

However, the African leaders have found it very cooperative and positive. Moreover, China does not press the African countries which it lends financial support to achieve the western ideal of democracy, good governance, transparency and observance of human rights Moyo, This means that China is not interested in the real development and progress of the people of the continent.

Though China would call it peaceful development and declare it a harmonious world, yet in reality, this silence on human rights violation and suppression of the people means nothing less than supporting it French To side with the oppressive regimes and extremist parties means putting the African countries in particular and the world in general in a real threat.

China, on the other hand, claims that she follows the principle of non-interference and believes that it should opt for constructive engagement rather than employ military force and sanctions. To China, the controversies are always domestic and can only be undone by the concrete economic development of the land in question.

Sino-African Economic Relations | Essay Example

This doctrine suits of the Chinese authorities many African regimes. This is why in a few decades China could make Africa a solid proof of the success of its diplomacy and business styles.

The African leaders consider the western model of sanctions and conditions as an assault upon their sovereignty. According to the latest data from Aid Data regarding finances in Africa by China, we see a picture of a positive trend. It is one of the top ten donors to African health sector.

This shows that China is contributing to the betterment and uplifting of sectors other than oil and natural resources in Africa. Moreover, Chinese doctors were serving in Africa during the year Moyo, China has benefited from the western policy of imposing conditions on aid to African countries with regards to human rights, democracy, and transparency and due to its non-interference and soft power policies gained access to many African countries.

There is no doubt in that China like any other political and economic power is looking for natural resources for its growing economy at home and a vibrant market for its productions. Yet however, it is not proven that China is trying to gain unfettered access to the natural sources of the African nations turning the mutual cooperation into a sort of naked imperialism.

China has not only invested in the natural resources sectors such as oil and gas but also in infrastructure, education, health and human resource development. These facts indicate that China is contributing to a good extent to the African economy and there is a kind of win-win cooperation process instead of exploitation of one party, that is, China in the entire process of the interaction between itself and African nations.

Sino-african economic relations essay

How a million migrants are building a new empire in Africa. The 21st century scramble for Africa.So it is with Australia’s iron ore, Angola’s oil and the poverty-laden diamond and gold mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Among traditional allies as among erstwhile antagonists, it is a strange cocktail of economic and political bedmates.

Sino-African Relations

Sino-African Relationship and its impacts on Africa’s Regional Integration Processes Yenkong Ngangjoh-Hodu* Abstract In recent years, Africa has emerged as a dominant region in China’s foreign policy.

China has boosted its bilateral trade relationship with Africa and is currently emerging as one of Africa’s largest trading partners.

Sino-african economic relations essay

The paper focuses on Sino-African relations with specific reference to South Africa. An outline is given of recent developments that will act as roadmap for the unfolding of this relationship. The question whether China’s African interest can be seen as tacit colonisation is discussed.

Between and , the complementarities between China and Africa came into full play, thus deepening trade and economic relations between the two sides. Together with the rapid growth of bilateral trade, Chinese companies began to contract to engineering projects in Africa, provide Africa with skilled labor, and establish equity and .

Sino-African Economic Relations Essay Sample. Introduction. After the fall of communism and “Maoism” in China, its new leadership intensively embarked on economic policies that embraced capitalistic production while maintaining the socialist character of its governance.

Home» essays to buy» Sino-African Relations. Sino-African Relations. Date published: Oct 27 China is leading the African countries to economic dependency rather than providing them help to grow themselves as independent prosperous economies.

They concluded that most of the authors were of opinion that Sino-African cooperation.

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