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Whether you're looking to visit or relocate, you can be sure there'll be places to stay, interesting things to see and do, and lots of other hippies in these places.

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Without naming brands, there is a plethora of unsafe advice floating around the internet and at meetings for some of the MLM brands of essential oils.

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Today we're going to talk about the safety of essential oil ingestion and some of the reasons why safety in aromatherapy is just as important as safety when working with any chemical, natural or synthetic. How about the pretty belladonna flowers that have long been used in poison, dating back to the ancient Romans and even found on arrows, dating further before that.

There are plenty of natural sources of poison, that aren't safe for haphazard use simply because they are natural. According to chemistry, everything on this planet is made up of chemicals, it's the toxic and synthetics ones that I try to avoid. Ingestion is best done with the guidance of a certified aromatherapist There is a difference between an essential oil distributor and a certified aromatherapist.

There is certainly a place in aromatherapy for ingestion, but just like any powerful synthetic pharmaceuticals, essential oils should be ingested with caution and for only very short periods of time, under the guidance of a certified aromatherapist. Continuously taking multiple essential oils internally on a daily basis, can be very damaging to the liver, kidneys, stomach, and intestines.

Long-term use of any powerful drug does, though.

The hippy

Our organs can not process copious amounts of these chemical constituents and they can build up in our system and cause failure over time. Being that essential oils are in fact an oil, as their name states, they do not mix into water, rather they sit on top.

This practice can cause severe burns, blisters, and lesions in your mouth, esophagus, stomach lining, and more. Take lemon essential oilfor example, one of the most commonly ingested essential oils in water; lemon oil by itself has such great solvency capabilities that it's used commercially in many wood cleaners and paint strippers.

I have removed paint from plastic bottles using neat lemon essential oil on a cotton ball, and it worked marvelously. Due to the solvent nature of lemon essential oilwhen not prepared properly, the number of potential risks associated with digestive tract irritation increases.

After sensitization to one oil, you are much more likely to develop sensitization to several oils, especially the ones with the same chemical constituents. Each capsule holds approximately 0. Mix drops essential oil into 1 tsp.

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Who could it really hurt anyway? I myself, in my pre-aromatherapy certification education days, found the idea to add essential oils to my water and tried it out myself.Hippiegoddess - Hairy women are what we love!: Welcome to; Home to the Internet's best, exclusive, naked hairy girls, erotica site, featuring natural, hairy .

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