The mid-tudor crisis essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This period can be seen as a crisis, due to the fact that there were so many problems financially, socially, religiously and constitutionally, which led to rebellions, and placed the country in a very unstable position. He left a very difficult legacy to his successors, but it must be remembered that Somerset provoked the problems already in existence and Northumberland and Mary I then had the difficult task of resolving them. Henry VIII was only one contributing factor to the crisis.

The mid-tudor crisis essay

The Mid Tudor Crisis Notes

To an extent there was a crisis with the combinations of weak rulers, number The mid-tudor crisis essay financial and economic problems, series of rebellions, religious reformations, and foreign policy failures in the middle years of the sixteen century. However, according to John matusiak mid Tudor England the term crisis "can be taken here to denote a situation involving imminent danger of what might be termed fundamental systemic collapse in political, social or economic terms" ,as there was no a revolutionary change at the time thus suggesting there was not a crisis but problems which had solutions.

Firstly, To begin with the years of to lies between two big reigns, first of Henry VIII and the second one is the reign of Elisabeth I, who both made a fundamental changes and both enjoyed long and dramatic reigns. Succession was not always secure or consistent in Tudor times as Edward VI was too young to set to rule the country and his manipulation by Somerset and Northumberland.

Furthermore, lack of confidence in Mary I being a less capable to rule Due to her being a female. Edward VI who was protected by liberal Earl of Somerset and corrupt Duke of Northumberland, who in order tried to install Lady Jane Grey and alter the legitimate line of succession.

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Political Factions would go in and out of favour and try to get more power. This led to a certain amount of instability as the Tudors were threatened by factions who became too powerful.

Example, The Council, like Parliament, was supposed to act as a point of contact between the government and the governed. Ridden by faction, it could not easily fulfil such a function and thus offered the monarch inappropriate advice. There is also evidence that Somerset used this state of affairs to usurp royal authority.

Furthermore, the time of Edward VI reign was the most significant era in leading up to mid Tudor crisis as there were crushing foreign policy failures. For example, The Duke of Somerset's costly and ineffective campaigns in Scotland and against the French between and Pollard described as 'the most ignominious Thus suggesting that this was a disgrace and shameful treaty of that era led by Northumberland as Boulogne was surrendered to French and English troops were to leave Scotland.

However this was not to be the only "most ignominious "foreign policy in mid Tudor times as Mary Tudor's loss of Calais January was seemed as a disastrous foreign policy.

National pride was suffered and these contributed to the crisis as people were not happy. This resulted in the loss of Calais in thus it was a massive blow to the prestige of the English crown.

This suggests that in an area such as foreign policy both Edward VI and Mary I shared an equal blame which contributed to the mid Tudors crisis. A major factor in which it is argued that it has huge implementation to the mid Tudor crisis is the rebellions, there were three major rebellions the Western RebellionKett's rebellion and Wyatt's rebellion.

Two of which were in Edwards Reign and one in Marys reign. In addition the impact of the first two was magnified by their occurrence at a time of war with Scotland and France.

The first, the Western Rebellion wasHow far was there a mid-Tudors crisis ? To an extent there was a crisis with the combinations of weak rulers, number of financial and economic problems, series of rebellions, religious reformations, and foreign policy failures in the middle years of 5/5(1).

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Sign up to view the rest of the essay. . The view that there was a crisis in face of combination of weak rulers, number of financial and economic problems, a series of rebellions, religious reformations, and foreign policy failures in the middle years of the sixteen century was first implicit in the writings of influential historians, such as A.F.


Pollard and S.T. Bindoff and first explained by W.R.D.

The mid-tudor crisis essay

Jones in his book 'The Mid-Tudor Crisis '. -Essay Question: ‘The years to constituted a mid-Tudor crisis’ Asses the validity of this view. -Considers the existence of a political crisis, economic crisis, religious crisis and foreign policy crisis in mid-Tudor England.

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