Torture justified or unjustified

Author, Political Enthusiast, Science Writer The Psychology of the Torturer We are not only implying a lack of humanity for the tortured, but for the torturer as well. Why should we condone any act that strips someone of his or her humanity, especially if we create a system in which one can slip from the grasp of personhood and never regain it? When torture is committed it becomes an undeniable reality.

Torture justified or unjustified

How Ethical is Torture The Ethics of Torture The dictionary defines torture as being the act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty.

Arguments on whether or not torture is justified have been going on for a very long time. Some people believe that torture, no matter what the outcome, is immoral and unjustified. Others believe that torture can be justified as long as the outcome is positive.

This is a very heated debate with two controversial viewpoints. In my opinion, torture can be both justified and unjustified, depending on the situation. Torture is a very complicated topic and, in my opinion, it is not necessarily justified or unjustified but is more of a judgment call based on the situation at hand.

There are many good points made on both sides of the argument. Although I can see how people would go either way on the subject, I would have to say, in most cases, that torture is wrong.

There are an unwritten set of rules and values that every human being should follow. Torture is simply an abomination. It is one of the most horrible violations of moral civility. I think that the debate over torture brings up a great question, is it ever right to cause another pain to ease your own?

Is it right to cause extreme amounts of pain to people to obtain knowledge?

These are questions that I think every person who thinks torture is ethical should put some thought into. The main reason I find torture to be unethical is because most of the time there is no way of knowing whether or not the person being tortured is guilty.

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What if the person is tortured but never gives up the information that is needed? What if you tortured them but all along they never even knew the information you were searching for?

Suppose torture, as a general rule, was ethical as long as the right people were tortured for the right reasons, hypothetically speaking.

Torture justified or unjustified

Would it be ethical to torture someone who knew nothing and was innocent? Even if torture did happen to be ethical, torturing innocent people based on unreliable facts is not.

How can you even know whether or not they are guilty for sure? Based on that ambiguity, could torture ever be a just decision?

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If the person that decides to initiate the torture has absolutely no doubt that the prisoner is guilty, odds are they have already obtained the information they are seeking.

How else would you know they have the information you are seeking?

Torture justified or unjustified

Another reason I find torture to be wrong is because there is no way of knowing whether or not the information gained is reliable. How reliable could information or a confession be if it was given while the prisoner was being tortured?

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The prisoner would most likely just give away false information in order to put an end to the torture. I think that Doctor King would side with this point of view.

He was a man that did not believe violence was ever the answer.The opponents of torture claim that torture should be banned as it is morally unjustified.

Torture dehumanizes people by mistreating them and encouraging manipulation of individuals through pain. Various laws have been developed to prohibit torture as it is immoral in the American free society. It is here, at the intersection of these elements, that Carlson asks the dreadful question: "Is torture ever justified?" Lyrical and haunting, The Pear Tree is a stark exposition of torturers and victims, and the bystanders who support one side or the other.

This Week in God, do you think the CIA treatment of suspected terrorists was justified or unjustified?” For most Americans, the answer, even after recent revelations, was yes.

Justified: 59% – Unjustified 31% Looking ahead, do you feel that torture of suspected terrorists can often be justified, sometimes justified, rarely justified or never justified? Often or sometimes justified: 58% – Rarely or never justified: 39%.

Q: All in all, do you think the CIA treatment of suspected terrorists was justified or unjustified?

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