Year 6 literacy plan

Clockwork by Philip Pullman then inspires children to write both graphic novel and film script versions. They empathise with the plight of the person who does not 'fit in'. Stimulating creative writing and encouraging children to improve the cohesion of their work through different grammatical techniques, the plan is also useful preparation for the KS2 Sats.

Year 6 literacy plan

The idea came from my wonderful year leader, Rhodaso Year 6 literacy plan has written this to share our reasons and method. If you'd have asked me 18 months ago about the most effective way to teach reading across the primary phase I would have, without a doubt, talked about Guided Reading.

I had always taught reading through this approach, it was just the way we did it. In fact, I was such an advocate that when I Ied English across my school I encouraged other colleagues to do the same.

It was a conversation with a teacher at a TeachMeet Sussex meeting that got the cogs whirring. If that is the case, why is this still our chosen method of teaching?

These are my main issues with Guided Reading: The nature of the Guided Reading approach means that although six children in my class receive focussed attention for the half hour session, the remainder are left to work independently.

All too often I see children become disengaged with independent tasks as they are not pitched correctly while I become a wasted resource sitting with six children in the class. In some instances, pupils were left to their own devices to read silently or share books.

Although some enjoyed the opportunity, others merely flicked through their books with little apparent interest. This is apparently useful for APP.

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I feel that too much of the group session is focussed on assessment of reading, not on teaching of it. The group is also inevitably dominated by the confident child, whereas those that are less confident get the chance to sit back.

Year 6 literacy plan

Inevitably a good teacher would set high expectations for participation from all members of the group. When I taught Year 6, I found it particularly hard to move my most able children from Level 5 to Level 6: As children move through KS2, they are required to become more analytical as readers.

They are expected to have an awareness of authorial intent and the implication of historical and cultural context on a piece of writing. Rather, we skim over it with a couple of questions here and there. Also, many sessions, even in upper KS2, have a heavy focus on AF1, i.

It is interesting to note that AF1 stops being an assessment focus from L4 upwards. I think for too long children in my class have made progress in reading despite my method of teaching and this year I was determined to change this. This is what we did: We choose an AF for the lesson, we plan activities which allow children to access this AF and we adapt the lesson as it goes along to allow all groups to make progress.The ready to go guided reading lesson plans and activities are such a time saver.

Year 6 literacy plan

And they are a great fit for classroom teachers or homeschooling parents! If you’ve hung around long enough, you know that I’ve mentioned Snap! THE LITERACY SHED. Home The Literacy Shed Blog CPD Conference About Book of the week Testimonials Roman Workshop WW2 Workshop Skyaudio VocabularyNinja New Page The Christmas Shed.

Compile and print the financial literacy lesson plans you need with a few clicks.

Home The Literacy Shed Blog CPD Conference About Book of the week Testimonials Books for Topics (external site). These emergency lesson plans are meant to be used by supply teachers, when no planning is available.

Please follow the guidance here.. Click on the relevant subject to access my emergency, one-liner lesson plans for Year 6. Literacy Development* The preschool years are the time during which children’s emergent literacy abilities develop.

In fact, these skills are the foundation onto which children’s later reading and academic abilities will build off of. I do not work in year 5 anymore, but I have banked together all my planning.

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Obviously it will need to be adapted to suit your class, but hopefully it should save you lots of time:). Year 6 English Here is a list of English skills students learn in year 6! These skills are organised into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to preview the skill.

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